Film Review: JOHNNY GHOST (2011)

JOHNNY GHOST *** Australia 2011 Dir: Donna McRae. 76 mins

Our past is not our present, but sometimes our past just won’t let go. This is the case for Millicent, played by Anni Finsterer, in this supernatural, psychological drama.

Millicent is a woman haunted by her past. Haunted by the man she loved, the music they shared, and the night she lost it all. Shattering her world into a million little pieces she has spent over 20 years trying to put her life back together again, but no matter where she goes and what she does to do it, he’s always there, Johnny, her only love that she watched die.

This movie was chilling to the bone. Laszlo Baranyai’s cinematography helped guide you through this story of a tragic accident, and deep mourning. I cannot begin to express my absolute love for this movie’s Post Punk soundtrack. That alone drew me in deeper, and deeper into the recesses of Millicent’s past, as well as her heartache and pain.

Millicent tries desperately throughout the movie to leave her past behind her. Whether it’s making music, running, staying sober, or trying to make amends to Johnny’s family, to explain what really happened that night so long ago when Johnny died. But to no avail Millicent finally succumbs to Johnny’s dark embrace.

Review by Heather Markham


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