Film Review: JURASSIC THUNDER (2019)

JURASSIC THUNDER *** USA 2019 Dir: Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick. 84 mins

Just imagine a movie that has everything you could hope for…. zombies, weaponised dinosaurs, aviator sunglasses, cheesy music and Donald Trump, well look no further! What’s that you say ?!!? Does it have dodgy CGI, a ridiculous plot and more racist stereotypes than you can shake a stick at?? Why yes, of course it does! JURASSIC THUNDER has all of the above and more. It starts off with a brief glance of zombies hordeing in a stricken African country as an evil warlord is using this contagion as a way of starting WWIII. The Americans team up with the Russians and bring in weaponised dinosaurs to kill the zombies. After the opening titles we end up in a comic book store with a bunch of nerds just as they open up the newest edition of a comic called JURASSIC THUNDER. It is then you realise they are trying to work a kind of CREEPSHOW style take on this and that it’s probably the only way they can get away with such a crazy plot. It is the genius yet blatant “just go for it no matter how stupid” attitude that we love from the SHARKNADO, MEGA SHARK and VELOCIPASTOR line of SyFy monster movies. This is huge amounts of fun! The fact that it has some great zombies and dinosaurs with machine guns strapped to their heads is a massive plus but it does have some other great elements. They are obviously not fans of Donald Trump portraying him in a way that is not only slanderous but probably pretty accurate and incredibly hilarious. The CGI dinos are actually pretty good but the kills, explosions and blood splatter are not so great but given their budget, they made the right choices. The acting is as you would expect, pretty dodgy but very fitting. You don’t hate any of them because they are all so funny, from African Warlords, to arrogant jock soldiers and wise cracking Russian scientists. It’s another great beer and pizza movie that is so bad it’s good!

Review by Sarah Budd


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