Film Review: TRANSFERENCE (2020)

TRANSFERENCE *** USA 2020 Dir: Matthew Ninaber, Jennifer Lloyd. 85 mins

Twins Josh and Emma hide their supernatural abilities from the world in the sci-fi film, Transference. Since their father’s death as children, Josh has sworn to protect Emma from the outside world due to her telekinetic and telepathic powers. She is locked away while he participates in an underground fight club, utilizing his ability to take hits without being hurt.

Josh is close to earning enough money for them both to escape their present situation. But a mysterious government agent discovers Emma and attempts to help her with disastrous consequences.

Transference is your run-of-the-mill superpower story about extraordinary characters running from those who mean to exploit their power. It’s gritty, slow-moving, and character-driven. Melissa Joy Boerger and Jeremy Ninaber really carry the movie in their portrayals of Emma and Josh.

The twins’ back story is told in a series of fragmented flashbacks told out of order which can be difficult to follow. The effects are impressive for an indie film, but they are used sparingly. This results in a somewhat anti-climactic ending. This film is better-suited to audiences who love brooding character studies rather than super-powered show downs.

Review by Laura Smith


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