Film Review: ABOMINABLE (2020)

ABOMINABLE *** USA 2020 Dir: Jamaal Burden. 72 mins

A group of scientific researchers arrive at a desolate research facility looking for answers as to what happened to the previous team, and hunt for a cure that will reshape history. There’s just one problem, to find the cure they will have to face the biggest challenge of their lives, in the form of a monstrous Yeti.

I’m a sucker for Yetisploitation flicks, you don’t go into a film like this expecting to see an a list cast or the best production in modern filmmaking.

With Abominable you know what is on the table here, an entree of blood, gore and mediocre level exploitation. Although, I think the only downfall with this film was that it took itself far too seriously at times, and should have played on the monstersploitation schlock elements more to market the film to that kind of audience.

There are some very good special FX here, when the monster attacks we know us gore hounds are in for a treat!

The monster itself has a great mask, but the quality of the suit lets it down, though that didn’t deter me to feel sorry for the loveable beast throughout the film.

There are obvious nods to John Carpenter’s THE THING here, which isn’t a bad thing at all, and the film does achieve a very claustrophobic feel throughout.

Review by Tony Newton


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