Film Review: HIGH MOON (a.k.a. Howlers) (2018)

HIGH MOON (a.k.a. Howlers) **** U.S.A. 2018 Dir: Josh Ridgway. 93 mins

A gunfighter from the old wild west returns from the dead in an attempt to stop a blood hungry werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorising and killing the residents of a small town in the USA.

In 1863 Colt (played by Chad Michael Collins) goes head to head with a wild west gang, but just when Colt and the sheriff are about to overhand the gang a full moon appears on the horizon and the gang turn into blood thirsty demonic werewolves. Colt defeats the gang and a mysterious ninja ends Colts life.

Fast forward to present day USA and the sleepy town is awoken to Colt breaking free from his coffin, and a body being found amongst numerous wooden coffins. We discover that it’s not just Colt who has risen from the dead, but the werewolf gang as well, and they’re out for revenge. They take over the local motorcycle gang and kill the members, removing the gang leaders heart and devouring it.

The film stars Chad Michael Collins and Sean Patrick Flanery, who are joined by a stellar cast, including horror and sci-fi regular Chelsea Edmundson.

I was totally blown away by this crazy little werewolf flick. I loved every minute of this, the acting is awesome, the film’s shot perfectly, and damn it looks pretty. This is a true feast for the eyes right here.

This will be a cult B movie. First off, you have to overlook that some of the plot is bat shit crazy, but you get werewolves, a ninja, biker babes and good wild west style fight scenes, who could want for more.

Be prepared to bark at the moon.

This is a perfect Friday night feel good movie.

Review by Tony Newton


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