Film Review: MUMMY REBORN (2019)

MUMMY REBORN * UK 2019 Dir: Dan Allen. 80 mins

A young woman, Tina (Tiffany-Ellen Robinson) and her mentally challenged brother Max (Victor Toth) are struggling as a family and financially. Their mother recently passed away leaving them with a mountain of debt. To top it all off her job in the antiques store is up in the air due to lack of interest in antiques these days. Tina’s final task is to inventory the stock, take pictures and work out the value. One of the items catches her eye, an amulet sitting on top of a wooden casket. Once home Tina’s boyfriend Luke (Chris Kaye) also takes an interest in the amulet and discovers it is worth a lot of money. Roping in some of his dodgy friends they plan to steal the amulet and tomb from the store and sell to the highest bidder.

The heist goes off without a hitch and they bring the amulet and mummy back to a house in the country where they await the arrival of the money. Whilst they are waiting they of course start drinking and partying to pass the time. Curious about the mummy Max sneaks in to take a peek and ends up breaking off a piece of the amulet. Scared that he will be scolded he hides the broken piece and with that it’s power over the mummy is broken who awakes and wreaks havoc on the group and the surrounding British countryside.

Any movie that starts with a quote from Kanye West is never going to be my kind of thing and apart from raising a few tiny smirks I found this incredibly painful to get through. Poorly written and overly camp dialogue gives us gems like “nothing bad is going to happen” and other equally awful and horrendous tosh. The characters are unlikable, sleazy and wooden. The mummy itself is the movies one redeeming feature, it looks the part and almost has a kind of Fulci zombie quality to it but unfortunately the acting from the mummy is just as bad as the rest of the cast. It tried to be fun by adding in some chase and kill scenes but it doesn’t really have a great deal of gore to support it. Apart from a couple of disembowlings I don’t really remember seeing a lot else. The soundtrack did nothing to enhance anything, I wouldn’t say it was bad but it would take a miracle to save this. Visually apart from the lack of gore it does have a lot of fighting, super powers, subtitles and random pop up narration to try and make it a bit fun but because of the terrible acting and script, nothing they do makes it worth watching.

Review by Sarah Budd


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