Film Review: OUIJA SHARK (2020)

OUIJA SHARK **** Canada 2020 Dir: Brett Kelly (as Scott Patrick). 70 mins

A group of teenage girls summon a ghost shark after messing around with a Ouija board that has washed up on the shore.

Will the ghost shark kill everyone in his path or can an occult specialist rid this world of the deadly ghost shark once and for all?

Yes, this film is called Ouija Shark….I know, catchy title or clever as hell marketing, capturing two very hot properties in horror right now!

The start of this film is so damn funny, we see a girl in the water swimming, she shrieks and we think a shark is going to attack her, but no.. something far more sinister is a foot, it was an old ancient spirit board brushing past her leg. For some reason she picks the board up and takes it home with her.

Later on we see her dig out the spirit board and persuade her friends to summon ancient spirits. But instead of summoning Grandpa they summon the spirit of a deadly ghost shark, who appears in the form of quite funny so bad it’s actually good CGI.

There are some crazy scenes in this film, I mean this has to be the first time we have seen a shark in the woods!

A couple in the park encounter the ghost of the shark and they both end up ghost shark bait. Then, just when you think it can’t get any crazier, a girl sitting by the swimming pool offers the ghost shark a blunt and it kills her!

This film has some crazy dialogue, complete with words of wisdom from the leads dad “Don’t fool around with the occult!“.

Let’s be totally honest here with a film called Ouija Shark you’re going to get a B-movie so anyone watching this film is going to expect schlock, trash horror and that’s what you get here. Full on B-style horror that is fun as hell. I enjoyed this film a little too much, I think I was fully immersed in the schlock experience. The reasons I enjoyed this so much are I’m a lover of trash cinema, and that’s a compliment not a derogative term, and because this film shows so many nods to the golden era of shot on video filmmaking. This is true modern sov style filmmaking right here!

I do hope they do a sequel to this maybe…The Return Of Ouija Shark… this time he’s brought Bigfoot! Or this awesome film that needs to be made asap…Crocageist: Croc Of The Dead.

Review by Tony Newton


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