Creating waves on the US festival circuit and garnering best feature awards galore ECHOES OF FEAR is set to scare the living daylights out of UK audiences as it arrives on digital and DVD this summer from Second Sight Films.

Turning the haunted house genre on its head, this chilling scare-fest, will have you clamouring for a cushion as the horror creeps up to a truly disturbing climax. The supernatural chiller from Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley, has garnered huge critical acclaim and is out now on digital formats, and will be followed by its DVD release on 3rd August 2020.



When her grandfather dies suddenly, Alisa (Trista Robinson – Purgatory Road) inherits his house and moves in to fix it up. But stange things start to happen, first there’s weird sounds in the night and then she senses a supernatural presence. Looking for answers Alisa starts to investigae her grandfather’s mysterious death, uncovering the horrific truth and shocking events of the past. Will they be the death of her?



Second Sight Films have released ECHOES OF FEAR in the UK on digital formats, the DVD release will follow on 3rd August 2020.



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