HorrorScreams VideoVault are proud to announce another movie in the making, the black comedy horror zombie film GYM OF THE DEAD.

Based on a story by Peter Hopkins it wil be a blend of all that we love from the 1980’s with the added bite of zombies!


Peter Hopkins had this to say about GYM OF THE DEAD:


GYM OF THE DEAD originally started out with a different title many years ago but after doing research recently I found that my original title was already being used, so a quick name change had to happen and what was born is GYM OF THE DEAD. A black comedy horror zombie movie with blood, guts, bulging muscles and dare I say it…boobs!



Casting has begun so if you are interested in coming on board e-mail Peter Hopkins at with the Subject: GYM OF THE DEAD


Funding is also needed and a Indiegogo campaign is imminent for pre-production costs.


For now here is the awesome teaser poster created by Jeffrey Kosh.



Be sure to check out Jefrrey Kosh’s work on his website here:



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