Are you a Psycho or a Savior? Slice & Dice, the deck building strategy game from Horror-Fix creator Ash Hamilton asks the player that very question in a race for the highest body count. The game, which allows the player to choose one of 5 horror archetypes straight from the 80s, is every horror lover’s dream, drawing from popular tropes and movie knowledge to give the ultimate fan the edge in gameplay. Combining its new “cut-out combat” system, a deck of beautifully hand illustrated cards and a tile-based board layout, Slice & Dice plays exactly like a horror film where no two games are alike.


It’s a unique world, stated the game’s creator, characters can equip weapons and even use plot twists at integral moments to change not just their gameplay but the gameplay for every character.


In a dash to either kill or save he game’s victims, players will have to not only defeat the victims themselves, but the other players in combat as well. Ever wondered if Chucky could go head to toe against Leatherface? Well, Slice & Dice looks to answer that question and more.


When asked about the need for a game like Slice & Dice Hamilton said,


We have a lot of games on the market that talk about being horror but are really just another take on dark fantasy. THIS, well, THIS is a game made by horror fans for horror fans. The casual gamer can still have a lot of fun with this one, but horror fans are gonna see that we truly had them in mind.



The game will be available for pre-sale 11th August 2020 directly on Kickstarter. Early Bird specials, unique perks and items only available to the campaign will also be available.


Slice & Dice Official Facebook HERE


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