A New Twist on the Living Dead with DEAD LIFE: WORMWOOD’S END!

There’s few horror movies as entertaining as those featuring the battle between survivors among the backdrop of the living dead, and Dead Life: Wormwood’s End delivers all the action and gory goodness you’ve come to expect in that sub-genre in this latest special edition from SRS!



Four months after the apocalypse was all it took to turn people into monsters and monsters into devils. Three survivors seek refuge with the Wormwood Militia only to find Camp Wormwood may offer protection from the walking dead – but the camp holds dangers of its own.

Once the living dead begin to change into unstoppable “Necrodevils”, the future begins to look hopeless.

It’s good guys versus bad guys versus worse guys in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Who will come out on top and what will be left for them?



Presales have started with copies expected to ship mid-October. ONLY 100 Blurays will be sold, reserve yours HERE or risk missing out as these special editions have been SELLING OUT!


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