Film Review: AGRAMON’S GATE (2019)

AGRAMON’S GATE *** U.S.A. 2019 Dir: Harley Wallen. 110 mins

During a séance a group of people are haunted by a demonic force in the guise of a shape-shifting spirit that is intent on killing those that awoke him from his slumber from the other side. The séance members and the medium must try and find a way of stopping the demonic force once and for all and destroy Agramon before it’s too late!

The film stars indie horror and sci-fi regulars Angelina Danielle Cama, Kaiti Wallen and Yan Birch all of the above actors do a fantastic job here my favourite being the demon himself Yan Birch. As with 99% of indie films there are a few actors that don’t sell their characters as well as others but you do expect that in these kind of productions and here these are only actors with small parts, no lead actors, but in no way does that effect the overall production here as the film is driven by its enthralling story.

There is some beautiful cinematic photography in the film (there is some really killer shots in this production) and the SFX are mind blowing…so good! A real treat for horror fans.

This indie horror is enjoyable on many levels foremost a great story that hooks you in from the very start. I was pleasantly surprised with Agramon’s Gate, I did enjoy this indie horror, the ending will certainly haunt your very soul!

We seem to be having a plethora of Ouija and séance, creepy horror films of late which is fantastic. Yes there was a time when these type of films were very thin on the ground. I think the first one I watched was 1986’s Witchboard in the late 80’s. I love the idea that something from the other side can come over to this side to haunt you or even kill you, and the reason I like these type of horror films is that hell could actually happen in real life, so watching these type of horrors are creepy as hell, as much as I like films like Leprechaun, I can’t see a three foot leprechaun killing me whilst looking for his pot of gold, but I could see a demon crossing over and haunting me by messing with satanic forces!.. Now where’s that Ouija board…

Agramon’s Gate is a great bewitching horror offering, I really would love to see what the director could do with a bigger budget, definitely going to keep my eye out for more Harley Wallen films!

Review by Tony Newton


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