Film Review: ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN (2020)

ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN **** USA 2020 Dir: Brandon Slagle. 103 mins

Attack Of The Unknown see’s an elite SWAT team fighting off an alien threat. The Team who are transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss must fight their way out of a county detention center during a catastrophic world alien invasion.

What we get here is a full on sci-fi action flick that moves at a very fast pace. It’s nice to see this style of film alive and well in 2020! The production feels like a 90’s film through and through! This could have easily been sandwiched on the shelf at your local Blockbuster video store between Starship Troopers and Independence Day.

The theme and story are both fantastic. The thought of Aliens attacking is horrific, who knows what’s really out there?  I love the way everyone has to band together to fight off this huge alien threat. I had full on Assault On Precinct 13 vibes watching this! The CGI is really good, and we discover what the aliens are, it will make your skin crawl.

This is one crazy film that comes in at over 103 mins. Going into the film I was expecting an epic event, a full on high budget offering. What we get here is a low budget high concept production that falls somewhere between a cult B-Movie and a full on blockbuster sci-fi action movie.

Notable performances from Richard Grieco, Robert LaSardo and Jolene Andersen. The film also stars American Pie‘s Tara Reid who, of late seems to star in every B-Movie ever made!

The action scenes in this film are amazing. This is certainly a very entertaining watch, at times the film can take itself that little bit too seriously, with meaningful monologues that fall short, but the acting in the scenes is good.

This is knowingly or not a great homage to 1950’s sci-fi B-Movies!

Fans of 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movies and films like Starship Troopers will enjoy this awesome indie offering.

Aliens, prisoners, guns and full on carnage, the perfect Sci-Fi romp!

Review by Tony Newton


ATTACK OF THE UNKNOWN is available on Amazon


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