Film Review: BAR FIGHT (2019) (Short Film)

BAR FIGHT **** USA 2019 Dir: Benjamin R. Moody. 4 mins

Writer-director Benjamin R. Moody made the excellent LAST GIRL STANDING in 2015, one of the best – and most underrated – revisionist slasher movies of our times. This brutal showcase for star / fight co-ordinator Aaron D. Alexander leaves us wanting much more. At closing time, Alexander’s strapping bartender is visited by cultists rapping at his door, clad in black with steampunk goggles and bloodied bandages and wielding machetes. What results is a hyper-kinetic, impressively shot and cut fight sequence to satiate the blood lust in us all. Alexander is a charismatic leading man, Benjamin R. Moody is a filmmaker to watch.

Review by Steven West


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