CREEPY TALES OF PIZZA AND GORE **** Italy 2014 Dir: Lorenzo Fassina. 62 mins

Creepy Tales Of Pizza And Gore is an horror anthology filled with gore. It’s a blood-splattered homage to extreme shot on video horror movies of yesteryear!

The horror gorethology features five tales of terror, including the stories of a nasty VHS tape with a mind of its own hell bent on revenge, a crazed killer holding a victim and torturing him, cursed musical sounds that someone is sent to download online, creepy creatures in the woods, Satanism and a satanic pizza!

Entitled ‘Screaming Ghost,”, ”Devil of the Night,”, ”Alone of the House,”, ”Wood,” and ”Killer Tape” tales. What to expect from Creepy Tales Of Pizza And Gore? First off, don’t expect your usual horror anthology like Creepshow, but do expect a true homage to films of yesterday like the 80’s shot on video horror classics. I know this film won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved this slice of horror nostalgia, this is my era, and this type of underground indie horror is a dish best served straight from the (pizza)oven.

You get gore by the bucket load here. I would put this film in the extreme gore category as there’s some brutal deaths in here, tons of blood and homemade effects which look amazing and help bring that 80’s shot on video feel into this century.

There are some really great shots in here as well, this isn’t just a collection of sick gore shorts. I love the use of the satanic symbols flashing onscreen here, and great practical effects, none of the CGI shit that we’re used to getting rammed down our throats on the big screen. The creepy creatures, blood and gore effects are spot on here!

I love the whole feel of this anthology of terror tales, it’s dark, seedy and sometimes just wrong. Watching this I felt like I was 14 years old again watching the bootleg copy of Nekromantik I bought from the car boot sale, a tape that lived on top of my wardrobe for years and years.

Creepy Tales Of Pizza And Gore is exactly as the title describes, there’s no messing about here, just full on gore and horror from the get go. One of the best nods to shot on video horror from yesteryear I’ve seen in a long while!

Fans of Troma movies and low budget SOV horror will love this gore anthology horror offering!

The running time of this horror collection comes in at just under an hour, if anything I was left wanting more minutes of grue ..You can never have too much gore!

Review by Tony Newton


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