Film Review: DRIVEN (2019)

DRIVEN *** Canada. 2019 Dir: Glenn Payne. 90 mins

Emerson Grahams is a late night taxi driver who’s used to having crazy customers, but tonight she is in for the ride of her life when a modern day demon hunter enters her cab on a quest to remove a demonic curse haunting his bloodline.

Driven is essentially a comedy horror film. It’s not your laugh out loud comedy horror offering, but features subtle dark undertones of satirical comedy used within the horror of what is happening within the film.

The film stars Supernatural’s Richard Speight Jr, as the customer and Casey Dillard as the late night taxi driver.

Casey also wrote the screenplay for the film, as stars as the female lead here. Casey is a great actor and works so well with Richard Speight Jr, who oozes a calm charm throughout his demon hunting.

Both characters are really likeable, you as the viewer feel like you are on a ride along with them as they join forces to rid the world of demons.

I really enjoyed this indie film. Essentially it’s a buddy demon hunter movie, the mismatched pairing that inevitably become friends as they face the night from hell ..literally.

99% of this film is filmed within a moving vehicle that alone is an accomplishment but apart from that the director manages to keep giving the viewer amazing shots and super cinematography and in some cases an almost giallo-esque quality.

This was a fun very entertaining feel good movie delivered in a very enchanting way.

Review by Tony Newton


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