Film Review: NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU (2018) (Short Film)

NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU **** Canada 2018 Dir: Frederic Chalte. 6 mins

A clever, creepy twist on one of the recurring tropes of 1980’s mainstream American horror: the intense childhood fear of a monster in the closet. Writer-director Frederic Chalte, who made the excellent THE BABYSITTER (2016) knows the territory that exists at the core of famous genre movies like POLTERGEIST and CUJO and has fun reversing it. Little Lucy (Mandy St-Jacques Turpin) is eager to scare her older sister (Emilie Lovitt) by masquerading as a closet-dwelling beast but ends up facing something truly terrifying. Victor Pitoiset provides a strong, scary original score in this well acted exploitation of those formative-year terrors that never truly leave us. Plus, it has a cool creature design for the antagonist played by Maryline Chery.

Review by Steven West


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