Film Review: THE TOMB: DEVIL’S REVENGE (2019)

THE TOMB: DEVIL’S REVENGE **** USA 2019 Dir: Jared Cohn. 98 mins

Jason Brooks plays John Brock, a down-on-his-luck archaeologist who returns from a cave expedition that will change his life forever! He finds a cursed relic that holds a dark secret, it’s a portal straight to Hell. The relic is cursed and strange things start to happen to his family after returning from the expedition. John Brock must find a way of ending the curse on his family. After digging deep he realises the only way to stop the curse is to return to the site and destroy the relic once and for all.

The story itself comes from the writer of Star Trek: The Next Generation and starring Star Trek‘s own William Shatner and Jeri Ryan alongside Jason Brooks who starred in Baywatch Hawaii, Days of Our Lives and a plethora of cult indie horror titles.

This film is a mix of everything from science fiction to horror. Director Jared Cohn does a great job here on a limited budget, but with an amazing cast and with a good story he manages to create something very watchable. Yes, this is a low budget offering but the acting chops of sci-fi legend William Shatner and my favourite Star Trek Actress Jeri Ryan, you can’t go wrong here. It was a real treat seeing William Shatner give a very serious performance we haven’t seen the likes of for a good few years. I think Shatner must have found some youth elixir as he looks so good for his age. Shatner falls under the Nic Cage acting bracket, they have their own brand of cool acting and delivering lines a lot slower than most.

The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge has a great pace to it, the film does have horror themes throughout and some scenes are eerily scary. This film was an all-round treat, a lot creepier than I was expecting the film to be and the effects are really good.

The film has stand out cinematography and a stellar cast, the whole production is stunning for a low budget indie production.

The film has an amazing climatic ending that feels like a scene straight out of Star Trek itself, which is both dreamlike and lynchian.

Fans of Star Trek will really get a kick out of this indie beast!

Review by Tony Newton


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