GRINDSPLOITATION is back! Filmmakers Wanted!

Your short film could be featured in the new Grindsploitation Movie! Tony Newton’s Grindsploitation is back!

Troma are currently taking submissions for Grindsploitation 9: Revenge of the Schlock and Grindsploitation 10: Milkin’it!

The long running cult Troma film series featuring short horror films, faux trailers and everything Grindhouse!

Submit your faux trailers and short film(s) today!


Tony Newton is Producing alongside Shakespears Shitstorm producer John Brennan



Submit your short film(s) or faux film trailer(s) for a chance to be featured in the latest upcoming official cult Grindsploitation film series!


For ideas and that bit of inspiration check out:


Be part of the legendary schlock film series!

The Horror and Schlock anthology extravaganza!


Send your short films or crazy faux trailers to:


Multiple submissions are allowed!


Check out all of the Grindsploitation films exclusively on Troma Now!


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