Nick Stead’s revised edition of Vengeance now available from Twisted Fate Publishing

Following on from the recently released revised and extended editions of Nick Stead’s debut novel, Hybrid and bloody sequel Hunted, Independent publishing company Twisted Fate Publishing have now revealed the artwork for Vengeance – the third book in the Hybrid series.

After working on the first two novels in the series, author Nick Stead decided to revisit the third book and although it has not been extended, he has edited the story to coincide with the revised series to give the viewer a bit more of a bite.

Captured by his enemies, tortured, and left for dead. This time, it’s personal.

But that’s just the start of the twisted torments in store for this fledgling werewolf.

He fears for lady Sarah and Selina’s fate, but Nick must place his trust in new allies now and rely on his feral animal cunning if he’s to have any hope of seeing them again.

His path is paved with blood, death, and trails worse than any he’s faced before. He must be strong, for as his energy seeps away time is running out.

Danger lurks around every corner and if he is to escape this deadly trap it will mean pushing himself beyond his limits and battling something truly horrifying.

Author Nick Stead had the following to say about the book: Vengeance has been the favourite with most of my fans so far. The original release was definitely the strongest of the three first editions as far as the quality of the prose goes, so there wasn’t really much to add with this one – less missed opportunities for showing to work on and the like. In fact, this one got shorter than the original release! None of the story has been cut but with my newfound editing skills, I picked up on plenty of unnecessary words to trim and passages where I’d over explained some things. Cutting those excess words and passages makes for a pacier read, and gives it a much more polished feel. I’m really proud of how the series is looking now and I can’t wait to share the long-awaited fourth instalment with my fans this Halloween!

Vengeance is now available on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback format.

Hybrid and Hunted are also available on Amazon now.

Hybrid –

Hunted –

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