Film Review: 10/31: A HALLOWEEN HORROR ANTHOLOGY (2017)

10/31: A HALLOWEEN HORROR ANTHOLOGY ***** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Justin M. Seaman, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray. 93 mins

An American anthology horror film consisting of five Halloween-themed short stories directed by Justin M. Seaman, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray, also produced and scored by Rocky Gray.

The whole film has an awesome wraparound, which is directed by Hunter Johnson and hosted by the awesome screen captivating Malvolia: The Queen of Screams.

This works so well, and not only is it awesome to have a horror host in an Elvira style, but this really adds to the retro aesthetic of the whole production. Rocky Gray’s music ties everything together perfectly, showing off his talent to its fullest potential.

Kicking off the anthology is The Old Hag by Justin Seaman, a creepy tale that will haunt your very soul, about hip young filmmakers who fall on their feet when they get a chance to use a creepy mansion for their next shoot. Trespassers by Zane Hershberger sees a young couple having anything but the perfect date. Killing The Dance by John William Holt is a retro throwback to 80’s horror that can’t be missed. The Halloween Blizzard of ’91 by Brett DeJager touching on holiday traditions in more ways than one. A nice feast for the eyes and food for thought this season. Closing this beast is The Samhain Slasher by Rocky Gray, it’s a tour de force throwback of epic proportions to the days of the slasher film.

I loved every short story in this anthology. I was trying hard to pick a favourite but couldn’t just pick one as they were all amazing. Killing the Dance and The Samhain Slasher are definitely two stand outs here.

I adored this film, not only do I love Halloween, for me it’s better than Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. I have a Halloween ritual of carving pumpkins and watching nothing but horror films and Halloween specials… now I have to make room for this awesome anthology as part of my yearly Halloween ritual.

This horror anthology is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time, although this is an indie production a lot of love and care has gone into this and every short film is of a very high calibre, with high production values and great acting and FX throughout.

Fans of Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt will love this dark indie offering which is perfect for this Halloween season.

Review by Tony Newton




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