Film Review: BLOOD AND MONEY (2020)

BLOOD AND MONEY ***** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: John Barr. 90 mins

Blood and Money is a dark emotional thriller/mystery starring Tom Berenger as Jim Reed who’s a down on his luck drifter living from town to town in his RV. While hunting in Maine he accidentally shoots a mysterious lady and initially runs from the scene of the crime. He covers his tracks as he returns to the scene and discovers the woman has a bag of money in her possession, which is from a recent heist on a local Casino. He is soon hunted down by the other gang members and must fight for survival every way he can.

Tom Berenger plays a chain-smoking wreck of a man with a severe lung condition which makes him cough up blood, but this doesn’t stop him fighting the elements and the bad guys in this survival action thriller with a hint of Rambo.

Blood and Money is suspenseful and charming at the same time. You feel for Jim Reed and are thrust on a journey of survival with him from the off.

Jim is a retired Marine and carries a lot of baggage, as his child died in an accident caused by his addiction to alcohol.

For all his flaws you can’t help love Jim, and you’re constantly edging him on to fight for survival and to make the right decisions!

The desolate woodland and snowy scenery looks like something out of a picture perfect Christmas postcard, only the snow here is covered in blood.

Tom Berenger’s performance in this movie is second to none. I would even go as far as saying his performance here is on a par with his portrayal of Barnes in Platoon. Berenger is such an underrated actor, after watching this I dived into tracking down some of his lesser known 90’s films and found some great undiscovered gems like Last of the Dogmen.

Fans of Fargo and Shallow Grave will love this tense edge of your seat thriller.

One of the best thrillers I’ve seen in years!

Review by Tony Newton




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