Film Review: PROXIMITY (2020)

PROXIMITY **** USA 2020 Dir: Eric Demeusy. 120 mins

The human race has been very clever in it’s brave search for new knowledge, but many things will forever lay beyond the grasp of our tiny minds.

Enter this excellent alien adventure thriller from Demeusy Pictures that is very well written and will ensure that you are fully engaged in a great story involving the murky world of human alien ‘abductions’ and the ongoing quest of the authorities and NASA to discover if there really is any real truth in the ‘out there’ myth.

‘Proximity’ has a great feeling of ET meets the X Files about it that is pushed along nicely by some dazzling FX by RT9 Digital, great camera shots from Jason Mitcheltree and Star Wars style captions that help keep you engaged with what is quite a large subject area and this all comes together well with a core central and brilliantly acted cast. ‘Proximity’ pulls you in with it’s tractor beam, let it take you on the journey.

The story is one of Isaac Cypress who is a relatively normal lad who works as a research scientist at NASA, but when some strange things start to occur to him after a random alien visitation in the woods, his world of normal is quickly turned upon it’s head. Once the film settles into it’s stride it develops a good and steady pace around the reluctant hero Isaac, who is played really well by Ryan Masson and his face and overall demeanour fit the theme of ‘Proximity’ perfectly.

The film has many layers that will work well on the more thoughtful and reflective audience if they are lovers of deep human alien conspiracy theories and it’s continuity was great and rolled me along really well. If you do have any sceptical doubts about other life in the universe then ‘Proximity’ does it’s best to convince you otherwise with some stunning cosmos shots and well balanced amounts of tension and humour.

The tension quickens later on when Isaac involves the media vultures and when he gets a call from the ruthless Christine Schaefer at KFLA (Linda Lee no less!) the human side of the investigation begins and Isaac quickly starts to see the good and bad sides of what can be a controversially mist shrouded subject.

In a modern world plagued by masks and viruses, does the existence of otherworldly beings really seem so odd? And who are the real aliens anyway?

When Isaac meets a fellow believer Sarah (Highdee Kuan) will they be able to solve a much larger mystery together and evade the dark authorities who are on their scent?

The film boils up to a great ending when Carl Miesner (Don Scribner), another abductee back in 1979, contacts Sarah about the data Isaac discovered and the plot gets even more involved in what is a great portrayal of the mysteries of both the known and the unknown as Isaac and Sarah doggedly pursue the real truth behind all that has happened to them. If you are curious enough to delve deeper than the average film then this is a title you must see and I thought that ‘Proximity’ was enthralling from start to finish with some great acting and a beautiful story that kept me fully interested, especially when Isaac contacts a strange blogger called Keith Obberman/Agent Groves(Shaw Jones) and the chase really begins. This is a pacy and at times dark sci-fi adventure that opens new doors all the time if you dare to enter it’s maze and the movie certainly delivers the trip of a lifetime from the comfort of your home device.

Just make sure your connection is secure and that your mind is open to ALL eventualities………

Review by Nathan Sandiford




Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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