Film Review: SAVAGE ISLAND (2004)

SAVAGE ISLAND *** Canada 2004 Dir: Jeffery Scott Lando. 86 mins

Following marital problems young couple Julia Harris (Kristina Copeland) and Steve (Steven Man) decide to take a break for the weekend to stay with Julia’s family on a remote island.

This break turns out to be the holiday from hell when the young couple encounter savage locals on the island who are out for blood. They’re out for revenge for an incident involving Julia’s brother which took place years before they returned to the island.

This B horror movie does have some creepy elements to it, similar to modern horrors such as Eden Lake, Wrong Turn and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The production is low quality in some areas, and there are issues with portions of the footage that have noise, grain, and in some cases it’s difficult to make out what’s happening on screen.

Savage Island is a good very low budget B movie that has elements of suspense and brutal scenes of torture and horror dished out by the inbred hillbilly clan.

This is a good film for what it is. The intense scenes do work, but there is no escaping the films low quality.

If you like Hillbillysploitation flicks you’ll enjoy this one!

Review by Tony Newton




Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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