Film Review: THE JOKESTERS (2015)

THE JOKESTERS **** USA 2015 Dir: A.J. Wedding. 73 mins

A crew of YouTube style pranksters decide to send their friend off in style when he gives up the entertainment game to get married. The gang of pranksters go to the cabin in the woods where the newlywed couple are staying for their honeymoon, in an attempt to pull off their biggest prank yet, all recorded for their show. However, the prank backfires and the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred, ending in pure unadulterated terror.

The prank game can get very tiresome, I mean sitting through a two hour Jackass film, after the first ten minutes you start questioning why you’re watching it. The start of this film is more centred around the prank game, which begins to get monotonous, but don’t give up on it, the reward being the latter half of the film. It’s well worth the wait!

For what it’s worth The Jokesters is a very unique horror film, and it works at both entertaining and delivering the scares. I’m fond of found footage horror, but for some reason most of them are a headache waiting to happen, or start to grate on your nerves, but the way this film is executed just works perfectly.

I was drawn into the film as we follow the pranksters and get further into the terror. The last thirty minutes of the film is full on, very dark, shocks and suspense. One of the best endings I’ve seen in the found footage genre for a long while!

Kudos for the original take on this somewhat oversaturated genre!

A new take on the found footage film, this is definitely an underrated film that needs more attention.

Fans of Jackass and any found footage horror will get a kick out of this!

Review by Tony Newton




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