Film Review: TURBO KILLER (a.k.a. Carpenter Brut: Turbo Killer) (2016) (Short Film)

TURBO KILLER (a.k.a. Carpenter Brut: Turbo Killer) ***** 2016 Dir: “Seth Ickerman” (a.k.a. Raphael Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard. 4 mins

Three years before the 2019 festival hit BLOOD MACHINES, directors Raphael Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard made this music video with musician Carpenter Brut. It’s a visually extraordinary (shot by Philip Lozano), dialogue-less, 80’s infused mini sci-fi epic tale of a beautiful young woman trapped inside a diamond, an inverted crucifix on her forehead while a gas-masked driver roams through the landscape in a futuristic vehicle and a relentless mercenary named Burning Void dons a long coat and a double-barrelled shotgun to try and capture her. It makes nary a lick of sense, but it’s a treat for the eyes and ears, with a tremendous electronic soundtrack and great production values.

Review by Steven West


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