Film Review: WITHOUT A BODY (2017)

WITHOUT A BODY **** USA 2017 Dir: Harvey Lowry. 90 mins

A successful author moves to a farmhouse with his two daughters, he tries to uncover the sinister past that haunts his new home and the evil entities that begins to terrorize his family.

Alex, played by actor Jack Campbell moves into a new home. The property needs some love and more than a lick of paint, but Alex thinks it would make an ideal family home, with his young daughters Sophie played by Isabella Kai and Rachel played by Whitney Rose Pynn. Although author Alex has other reasons for moving into the property he wants to write a book on the supposed haunted house, proving it’s not haunted. However, his daughters begin to realise that their home is indeed haunted and terror soon ensues.

This is a sinister supernatural horror film which will creep under your skin. The scares are executed perfectly, and with a very good story. This is the perfect mix of ingredients for a classic supernatural ghost story.

The acting here is on top form, with all the cast doing a great job selling this spooky thriller, and even the younger cast giving their all to this production.

The whole production of the film is very high for a low budget horror, this isn’t some kind of schlocky horror with a zero budget.

The good mix of dramatic family life and terror make for a very haunting story.

Fans of Annabelle and The Haunting will love this supernatural horror offering.

Review by Tony Newton




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