Limited Time Pre Sale – “Blood Rites of the Vampyr”

SRS Cinema have begun presales for the release of Sébastien Godin’s BLOOD OF THE VAMPYR and you will have to be quick if you don’t want to miss out on this title!

Driven by nightmarish visions of a ghostly girl, a tormented man accidentally unleashes an ancient vampire on a small community.

A suburban Gothic inspired by German expressionism, the works of Jean Rollin, and the Original ‘Vamp’ herself Theda Bara! A must see for fans of early cinema / silent movies, especially the first horror movies like “Nosferatu”.

LIMITED EDITION – Presales have begun for BLOOD OF THE VAMPYR on Blu-ray with copies expected to ship by mid November. PRESALES WILL BE 1 WEEK ONLY, ending on 22/10/20 at 7pm EST, after that sales will cease. So grab yours now before you forget and miss out on it forever!



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