Severin Films releasing PATRICK STILL LIVES

Severin Films are releasing PATRICK STILL LIVES on DVD, Blu-ray and a Blu-ray with a Exclusive slipcover on 27th October.

Shortly after the Ozploitation shocker PATRICK became a worldwide hit, producer Gabriele Crisanti (BURIAL GROUND), screenwriter Piero Regnoli (NIGHTMARE CITY) and director Mario Landi (GIALLO IN VENICE) went way beyond ‘unofficial sequel’ or ‘unauthorized remake’ to instead create this “mind-boggling example of Italian exploitation that has to be seen to be believed” (Moria): When a young man becomes comatose after a freak accident, his father invites six strangers to a secluded villa for a weekend packed with relentless nudity, outrageous violence and perhaps the most depraved sex/gore death in all of Italian horror. Sacha Pitoëff (INFERNO), Gianni Dei (MANHATTAN GIGOLO) and Mariangela Giordano (MALABIMBA, BURIAL GROUND) star in “one of the most ultimate exploitation films ever made” (Monster Pictures), now scanned uncut in 2k from the original negative for the very first time in 40 years.


Special Features:

C’est la Vie – Interview with Actor Gianni Dei

Reversible Wrap Blu-rays only

Webstore Exclusive Slipcover – Blu-ray with Exclusive Slipcover Only


PATRICK STILL LIVES is available to pre-order on Severin Films website and also on Amazon




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