Severin Films have released the wildest ’80s Italian cannibal movie of them all…MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY on DVD, standard Blu-ray and a Blu-ray with a Exclusive slipcover.

It’s been called “top-notch entertainment” (Rock! Shock! Pop!), “a rip-roaring riot of Italian exploitation” (DVD Beaver) and “a weird cross between ROMANCING THE STONE and CANNIBAL FEROX” (The Video Graveyard). Now experience the wildest ‘80s cannibal movie you’ve never seen scanned uncut in 4k from the original negative: Michael Sopkiw (BLASTFIGHTER, KILLER FISH) stars as a cocky paleontologist who crash-lands into a jungle hell chockfull of fashion models, graphic violence, rampant nudity, and tasty gobs of flesh-chomping mayhem. Marta Anderson (BARE BEHIND BARS) co-stars in this ”fromaggio gem from another era” (Bloody Good Horror) – also released as AMAZONAS and CANNIBAL FEROX II – co-written by the legendary Dardano Sacchetti (THE BEYOND, DEMONS) that B&S About Movies says “delivers on everything it promises, except dinosaurs.”


Special Features:

Valley Boy – Interview with Actor Michael Sopkiw
Lost in Brazil – Interview with Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti
Deleted and Extended Scenes Reel
Italian credits

Reversible Wrap – Blu-ray Only
Exclusive Slipcover – Blu-ray with Exclusive Slipcover Only


MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY is available to buy on Severin Films website and also on Amazon


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