WHAT DEATH LEAVES BEHIND ***** USA 2018 Dir: Scott A. Hamilton. 87 mins

Jake Warren (Khalil McMillan) is a family man, with a good business and plenty of friends and family around him. He’s been patiently waiting in line for a kidney transplant. The day finally arrives, but what should be a positive, life changing operation for him and his family, actually turns out to be the beginning of a very dark, depressing, real-life nightmare, that does nothing but destroy his and everyone around Jake’s lives forever.

There are some very powerful scenes throughout this non-linear style film, including a terrifying nightmare scene, which for me, was one of the best parts in the film. It’s incredibly creepy. I just love how they did this. Great acting, scary music…it’s just a fantastically well made scene.

From the moment the transplant takes place, Jake begins to have these recurring nightmares where he’s forced to watch a murder take place in front of his very eyes. With nightmares like this every night, it’s no wonder he’s so messed up in the head!

He begins researching cellular memory, and realises he’s not alone with these side effects from the transplant, but unfortunately no one believes, or understands what’s going on in poor Jake’s head, and in the end, we’re presented with very moving scenes that tell us just how dark and messed up Jake’s mind really became….and all because of cellular memory….which is actually a thing….very scary indeed!

I think this is a very clever, well written film, and the writer (Chad Morton), director, actors (Erin O’Brien, Vincent Young, Kelly Dowdle, Christopher Mann, Johnny Alonso) should be highly commended on their brilliantly achieved efforts in creating What Death Leaves Behind into such a fab film.

Well done!

Review by Lorna Child




Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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