1 Videogram Ident 03 (0:18)
2 Damien (1:47)
3 Cobretti (2:12)
4 Killer On Interstate 40 (2:31)
5 Camp Blood (3:26)
6 Horror Express (3:29)
7 Mangiati Vivi    (3:01)
8 Dawn Of The Apocalypse (4:19)
9 Silver Sphere (2:45)
10 Voorhees Stomp (3:00)
11 Le Erotici Notti Di Emanuelle (3:45)
12 Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide  (12:46)
13 Videogram Ident 04 (0:18)
Magnus Sellergren’s synth-pop/soundtrack based band VIDEOGRAM are back with their brilliant new album PRE-CERT. We previously mentioned them when they released their EP, OUTPOST 31 ISN’T RESPONDING ( which was a tribute to John Carpenter’s ‘THE THING’.
This latest effort is a great listen and will have you thinking of all the films that the songs are inspired by. My personal favourite song on this album is track 12 Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide, a 13 minute epic song that will stay with you long after the album is finished. If I was a film maker and I wanted someone to do the soundtrack I would certainly put Magnus Sellergren high on my list of contenders.
The album is available to buy here in the U.K. via Code7 ( ) and Norman Records ( ) on and all other major retailers on vinyl and CD.

Be sure to keep up to date with ‘VIDEOGRAM’ at the following links:Facebook:




Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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