Sky Sharks Take Flight on February 2nd!

Capelight Pictures and Dark Sky Films proudly announce the February 2nd digital Blu-ray & DVD release of SKY SHARKS.

75 years after World War II, an arctic research team discovers the Himmelsfaust, a colossal Nazi Warship thought to be long lost. Within they find Third Reich’s base for a weapon like no other: Sky Sharks. Jet-propelled, artillery-equipped, aeronautical and manned by an army of undead elite Nazi soldiers, these flying beasts nearly prevented the downfall of the Third Reich. But now they seek revenge and to claim their ultimate victory – taking down the entire world with them in process, if they can…

A.D. Morel, Carsten Fehse and Marc Fehse (who also directed) wrote the film.

The cast includes Thomas Morris, Barbara Nedeljakova, Eva Habermann, Oliver Kalkofe, Michaela Schaffrath, Amanda Bearse, Naomi Grossman and features genre legend Tony Todd.

So watch the skies on February 2nd, because the oceans are for fish and now the sky belongs to the sharks.


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