Film Review: RED LETTERS (2019)

RED LETTERS *** USA 2019 Dir: Jim Klock. 86 mins When a deputy goes missing, PI Jim Knowles (Jim Klock) is called over to investigate when details don’t add up. Unwilling to accept the story of the missing individual faking his own death, Jim calls upon his friend Mike Gaston (Mike Capozzi) who has psychic … Continue reading “Film Review: RED LETTERS (2019)”

Film Review: BEAST WITHIN (2019)

BEAST WITHIN *** USA/Canada 2019 Dir: Chris Green, Steven Morana. 80 mins Heading out to a mansion party, video-game developers August (Steven Morana), Remy (Ari Millen) and Cheyanne (Holly Deveaux) are overseeing the final preparations for their boss Brian (Art Hindle) to launch his new video game ‘Werewolf Awaken.’ While having to deal with the … Continue reading “Film Review: BEAST WITHIN (2019)”

Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)

FRIED BARRY *** South Africa 2020 Dir: Ryan Kruger. 96 mins Waking one morning after a bender, Barry (Gary Green) is quite alarmed at the notion that he can’t remember the night before which his family assumes is nothing out of the ordinary. Still, being plagued by bad dreams and the insistence that something has … Continue reading “Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)”

Film Review: RAVAGE (2019)

RAVAGE ** USA 2019 Dir: Teddy Grennan. 77 mins After escaping a harrowing confrontation, photographer Harper Sykes (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) lies in bed talking to Superintendent Slayton (Michael Weaver) about what led her there. Regaling the story about her latest assignment documenting nature in the area, she ends up stumbling across Nash (Eric Nelson) killing a … Continue reading “Film Review: RAVAGE (2019)”

Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)

LX 2048 ** USA 2020 Dir: Guy Moshe. 103 mins In a near-future world, the threatening rays of the Sun have turned deadly, causing widespread death and destruction to Earth forcing the surviving inhabitants into their homes. Forced to utilize VR technology to stave off the toxicity of their daytime environments, Adam Bird (James D’Arcy) … Continue reading “Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)”