Film Review: NO WAY OUT (2020)

NO WAY OUT *** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: Joe Hamilton. 81 mins Two couples go on a camping trip after a long drive they they arrive at their dream holiday destination, a log cabin for the perfect weekend break. They soon discover they are not alone in the desolate woods as a psycho killer wearing a … Continue reading “Film Review: NO WAY OUT (2020)”

Film Review: 10/31: A HALLOWEEN HORROR ANTHOLOGY (2017)

10/31: A HALLOWEEN HORROR ANTHOLOGY ***** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Justin M. Seaman, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray. 93 mins An American anthology horror film consisting of five Halloween-themed short stories directed by Justin M. Seaman, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray, also produced and scored by Rocky Gray. … Continue reading “Film Review: 10/31: A HALLOWEEN HORROR ANTHOLOGY (2017)”

Film Review: THE JOKESTERS (2015)

THE JOKESTERS **** USA 2015 Dir: A.J. Wedding. 73 mins A crew of YouTube style pranksters decide to send their friend off in style when he gives up the entertainment game to get married. The gang of pranksters go to the cabin in the woods where the newlywed couple are staying for their honeymoon, in … Continue reading “Film Review: THE JOKESTERS (2015)”

Film Review: THE BLACK GATE (2017)

THE BLACK GATE **** 2017 France Dir: Guillaume Beylard, Fabrice Martin. 78 mins When Siblings David and Sarah are given a mysterious book on the occult from their Uncle, who is the last remaining family member in their bloodline, Sarah persuades David to go on a trip to get their uncle to translate the mysterious … Continue reading “Film Review: THE BLACK GATE (2017)”

Film Review: THE HONEYMOON PHASE (2019)

THE HONEYMOON PHASE **** USA 2019 Dir: Phillip G. Carroll Jr. 89 mins Down on their luck and financially struggling young couple, Tom (Jim Schubin) and Eve (Chloe Carroll) pretend to be a married couple for a chance to be part of The Millennium Project, a 30-day science experiment in which chosen participants receive $50,000 … Continue reading “Film Review: THE HONEYMOON PHASE (2019)”