The Kyoto Connection (a.k.a. Journey To Japan) (1973)




Lady In The Shower (2018) (Short Film)

Ladyworld (2018)

Lake Alice (a.k.a. Lake Tomahawk) (2017)

Lake Artifact (2019)

Landing Lake (2017)

La Noria (2018) (Short Film)

The Laplace’s Demon (2017)

Last American Horror Show (2018)

The Last Ones (2017)

The Last Scout (2017)

The Last Witch (2015)

Latched (2017) (Short Film)

The League Of Superheroes (a.k.a. ABCs Of Superheroes) (2015)

Learning Hebrew (A Gothsploitation Movie)

Lection (2020)

Legacy Of Thorn

Le Prince Des Cieux (a.k.a. The Prince Of Heavens) (2014)

Level 16 (2018)

Lifechanger (2018)

The Lighthouse (2016)

The Lightsaber Maker (2018) (Short Film)

Like A Bat Outta Hell (a.k.a. Bat Outta Hell)

Lilith (2018)

Limbo (2019) (Short Film)

The Limehouse Golem (2017)

Linnea Quigleys Horror Workout

Lion (2017) (Short Film)

Little Dead Rotting Hood

Little Deaths

Little Devils: The Birth (1993)

Little Monsters (2019)

Live Evil (2015)

Long Weekend (1978)

Loom (2018) (Short Film)

Loophole (2017)

The Lords Of Salem

Lord Of Tears (a.k.a. The Owlman) (2013)

Lords Of Chaos (2018)

Lore (2017)

Lost Child (2018)

The Lost Films Of Bloody Nora (2019) (Short Film)

Lou Simon’s 3 (a.k.a. 3: An Eye For An Eye) (2017)

Love And Saucers (2017)

Love Me Not (2019) (Short Film)

Luciferina (2018)

Lunch Ladies (2018) (Short Film)

The Lurking (Short Film)

Luther The Geek