HELGA, SHE WOLF OF STILBERG ** France 1978 Dir: Alain Garnier 93 mins Ilsa….sorry Helga runs the castle penitentiary Stilberg, a place for political prisoners and she runs it with no care for their well being. It is not long until Elisabeth Vogel, the daughter of the resistances leader, is captured and held prisoner by … Continue reading “Film Review: HELGA, SHE WOLF OF STILBERG (1978)”


YOU HAVEN’T A HOP IN HELL This Easter you’ll be hopping mad if you miss out on what Horrorsociety calls ‘the greatest Easter horror film ever released’ Coming to DVD, on-demand and download the 3rd April 2017 is THE BEASTER BUNNY. Synopsis: A 50-foot man-eating Easter bunny is on the loose and the townsfolk don’t … Continue reading “HIDE THE CHOCOLATE, ‘THE BEASTER BUNNY’ IS COMING”

Film Review: CARNIFEX (2016)

CARNIFEX ** Netherlands 2016 Dir: Bart Van Tunen 55 mins The plot of CARNIFEX is a simple one: Bram and his friends get wasted on drugs and alcohol and its not long before Bram’s friends start turning up dead. Bram tells the police about the murders, which of course they don’t believe him so Bram … Continue reading “Film Review: CARNIFEX (2016)”

Film Review: COMMUNE (2016) (Short Film)

COMMUNE **** UK 2016 Dir: Thomas Perrett. 17 mins Tom Weller is recruited to look after a rundown, 1930’s North London building, formerly a hippy commune and the kind of place where it feels like you’re never alone. Apart from the city noise, he is soon hassled by spooky nightmares, Uri Gellar-style bent cutlery and … Continue reading “Film Review: COMMUNE (2016) (Short Film)”

Film Review: KNUCKLEBONES (2016)

KNUCKLEBONES **** USA 2016 Dir: Mitch Wilson. 85 mins A briskly paced, spirited homage to post-Freddy, late 80’s American slasher movies.  A quintet of buff guys and skimpily dressed hotties decide to poke around in an abandoned garment factory built by the Nazis in World War II – and host to a worker-massacre back in … Continue reading “Film Review: KNUCKLEBONES (2016)”