ANOTHER (a.k.a. MARK OF THE WITCH) *** USA 2014 Dir: Jason Bognacki. 80 mins Writer-director Jason Bognacki’s account of a young woman’s coming of age, as she discovers a close association with the Devil, is a strikingly designed, often very well shot and edited feature length homage to occult American cinema of the 70’s. The … Continue reading “”

HOUSEBOUND **** New Zealand 2014 Dir: Gerard Johnstone. 109 mins “You can’t punch ectoplasm!” An engaging genre-blending gem from New Zealand, built upon a familiar suspense set-up we’ve seen in DISTURBIA and 100 FEET. After a botched ATM heist, surly bad-girl Morgana O’Reilly’s probation is eight months of house arrest with a restricting ankle-bracelet. Holed … Continue reading “”

PIN **** Canada 1988 98 mins An underrated and consistently creepy psychological horror from AMITYVILLE HORROR screenwriter Sandor Stern, this has an exceptionally unsettling opening half hour offering a series of snap-shots of a uniquely dysfunctional childhood. Stern doctor / ventriloquist Terry O’Quinn uses his anatomical work dummy “Pin” to educate his kids on everything … Continue reading “”