Film Review: KILLDOZER (1974)

KILLDOZER *** USA 1974 Dir: Jerry London. 74 mins Sandwiched between Spielberg’s DUEL and THE CAR, this short, snappy tale of vehicular mayhem from the golden age of American made-for-TV horror films has an unusual setting, an eccentric plot and an impressively straight-faced all-male ensemble. A six-man construction crew working on a small island off … Continue reading “Film Review: KILLDOZER (1974)”

HORRORSCREAMS PODCAST: Episode 5 – The Gore Gore Girls & Women In Horror

Join your hosts Peter and Steven from the fast growing UK horror website HORRORSCREAMS VIDEOVAULT as they talk horror movies past, present and future. In this episode we talk about the 1972 Herschell Gordon Lewis film THE GORE GORE GIRLS (a.k.a. Blood Orgy), as well as talking about women in horror.     HORRORSCREAMS PODCAST … Continue reading “HORRORSCREAMS PODCAST: Episode 5 – The Gore Gore Girls & Women In Horror”


Following their highly acclaimed release on Limited Edition Blu-ray, Second Sight is delighted to announce classic Amicus horrors ASYLUM and THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD are set to arrive as Standard Edition Blu-rays, complete with a slew of special features and new reversible sleeve artwork created by Graham Humphreys on 6th January 2020.   ASYLUM … Continue reading “AMICUS HORRORS “ASYLUM” & “THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD””

Film Review: ASYLUM (1972)

ASYLUM **** UK 1972 Dir: Roy Ward Baker. 88 mins Played darker and more for straight chills than most of Amicus’ horror anthologies, this stand-out entry from the studio is rich with writer Robert Bloch’s malevolent sense of humour. The wraparound story – later cloned for the non-Amicus TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS – follows Robert … Continue reading “Film Review: ASYLUM (1972)”


Indicator dives into the dark recesses of British horror cinema of the 1970s to unleash the 1978 horror THE LEGACY. Written by the late, great Jimmy Sangster (The Revenge of Frankenstein, Taste of Fear), this supernatural riff on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is a gruesome, hugely entertaining chiller. Synopsis: Two American architects … Continue reading “INDICATOR DARE YOU TO DISCOVER ‘THE LEGACY’”