Film Review: THE ALPHA TEST (2020)

THE ALPHA TEST *** USA 2020 Dir: Aaron Mirtes. 87 mins In this sci-fi offering, from director Aaron Mirtes who brought us CLOWNTERGEIST and CURSE OF THE NUN. The near future has seen the human race perfect the self drive car and now have developed robots to help about the house. Top intern JD (Brad … Continue reading “Film Review: THE ALPHA TEST (2020)”


Ex Machina meets A.I : Artificial Intelligence in THE ALPHA TEST, from writer/director Aaron Mirtes (CLOWNTERGEIST), premiering on DVD and Digital this March. THE ALPHA TEST stars Rae Hunt as Alpha, with Wynn Reichert, Brad Belemjian, and Mack Bayda.   Synopsis: A suburban family drives their new gadget, The Alpha Home Assistant, to a killing … Continue reading “HIGH OCTANE PICTURES RELEASING ‘THE ALPHA TEST’”


From the director of CLOWNTERGEIST, and from the studio that brought you THE JURASSIC GAMES and CANNIBAL FARM, comes the most controversial horror release of 2019, AMERICAN HUNT. Written and directed by Aaron Mirtes, AMERICAN HUNT stars Lacy Hartselle, Taylor Novak, and Allison Shrum,   Synopsis: A group of friends is torn apart when they … Continue reading “THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL HORROR RELEASE OF 2019 HAS ARRIVED”

Film Review: CURSE OF THE NUN (2018)

CURSE OF THE NUN ** USA 2018 Dir: Aaron Mirtes 80 mins  From the guy that brought us CLOWNTERGEIST right about the time of the release of the new IT movie, it would seem Aaron Mirtes has got his timing down to a fine art again as this time he brings us his nun movie … Continue reading “Film Review: CURSE OF THE NUN (2018)”

Film Review: CLOWNTERGEIST (2017)

CLOWNTERGEIST ** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Aaron Mirtes. 80 mins We can probably expect a mini clown-movie cycle with the theatrical incarnation of Stephen King’s IT imminent, and we can probably expect the post-SHARKNADO bandwagon of gimmicky, nonsensical titles to continue for some time yet. Presumably, alternatives considered during post-production included THE CLOWNJURING, CLOWNSIDIOUS and PARACLOWNAL … Continue reading “Film Review: CLOWNTERGEIST (2017)”