The Ambassador of Tinsel Town, Jared Masters, has been honoured for munching off a decade in the B-movie biz with all his films back-to-back on five attractive new digital videodiscs. The films have been re-titled, re-mastered, re-packaged, and revamped in special new limited edition jewel cases, at a very, very low price. Your sordid senses … Continue reading “FROLIC PICTURES CELEBRATES 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY”

Film Review: SKELETON COP (2018) (Short Film)

SKELETON COP *** U.S.A. 2018 Dir: Chad Knauer 32 mins We have had VAMPIRE COP, CANNIBAL COP and WOLFCOP so of course the police force had to get a new recruit in the name of…..SKELETON COP. After responding to a home invasion which ends in a major overkill, loose cannon skeleton cop is partnered with a by the books detective. … Continue reading “Film Review: SKELETON COP (2018) (Short Film)”

Film Review: THE BLOB (1958)

THE BLOB **** U.S.A. 1958 Dir: Irvin S Yeaworth Jr. 86 mins The jokey title song (by an uncredited Burt Bacharach) is one of the memorable features of this iconic 50’s monster movie, in which 27 year old teenager Steve McQueen witnesses a meteorite landing in between tame rebellious shenanigans with his archetypal 50’s hot-rodding … Continue reading “Film Review: THE BLOB (1958)”

Film Review: THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)

THE DEADLY MANTIS ** U.S.A. 1957 Dir: Nathan Juran 79 mins As the 1950’s were coming to a close there was still room for more ‘Giant Creature’ movies and they don’t get much bigger then THE DEADLY MANTIS. Ok perhaps thats a bit over the top, the creature sure is big but this ‘Giant Insect’ … Continue reading “Film Review: THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)”


THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US *** U.S.A. 1956 Dir: John Sherwood 78 mins The third and final entry in the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON series of movies from Universal Pictures sees the creature once again rise from the depths. It would appear that this sequel follows on from the events of the 1955 film REVENGE … Continue reading “Film Review: THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956)”