Film Review: GILTRUDE’S DWELLING (2019) (Short Film)

GILTRUDE’S DWELLING **** Canada 2019 Dir: Jeremy Lutter. 15 mins Teenage orphan Giltrude (the excellent Kennedi Clements) lives in a house on a mountain from which she has never left. Her parents (Jesse Hutch, Priscilla Faia) go out at night on mysterious missions while reminding her that the house itself also goes “somewhere” to sleep … Continue reading “Film Review: GILTRUDE’S DWELLING (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: THE REMNANT (2019) (Short Film)

THE REMNANT *** Canada 2019 Dir: Navin Ramaswaran. 17 mins Here’s a good looking, if thematically limited, exploration of familiar 21st century horror themes from prolific filmmaker Navin Ramaswaran, whose interesting, genre-blurring indie fare includes POOR AGNES (2017). The opening sets the scene – a housekeeper experiences harrowing paranormal activity in her employer’s house: bleeding … Continue reading “Film Review: THE REMNANT (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: COVENANT (2018)

COVENANT *** USA 2018 Dir: Manuel H. Da Silva. 86 mins When our PTSD stricken hero Ian returns to his dead mother’s house in the strange township of Forest Hill all hell starts to break loose in this creepy devil cult shocker from the house of High Octane. The FX and photography by Roger Singh … Continue reading “Film Review: COVENANT (2018)”

Film Review: BREAK IN BREAK OUT (2019) (Short Film)

BREAK IN BREAK OUT **** Canada 2019 Dir: Michael Driscoll. 8 mins This latest short from the clearly talented Michael Driscoll (BE RIGHT BACK, TWO BLACK COFFEES, TO THE BOATS) is a sardonic, frenetic, technically superb take on the now-overdone home invasion scenario for jaded 21st century audiences. There are shades of DON’T BREATHE and … Continue reading “Film Review: BREAK IN BREAK OUT (2019) (Short Film)”

Film Review: NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU (2018) (Short Film)

NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU **** Canada 2018 Dir: Frederic Chalte. 6 mins A clever, creepy twist on one of the recurring tropes of 1980’s mainstream American horror: the intense childhood fear of a monster in the closet. Writer-director Frederic Chalte, who made the excellent THE BABYSITTER (2016) knows the territory that exists at … Continue reading “Film Review: NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU (2018) (Short Film)”