Film Review: THE TRIBE (2016)

THE TRIBE ** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Roxy Shih 97 mins  After a promising first couple of minutes The Tribe quickly slows down to trickle as we meet 3 sisters whose family have succumbed to a disease that has almost wiped out the human race. Oldest sister, Jenny (Jessica Rothe) is responsible for her siblings and … Continue reading “Film Review: THE TRIBE (2016)”

‘THE TRIBE’ SETS OUT ON ITS RELEASE FROM TERROR FILMS Last year we brought you news (here) of the post-apocalyptic thriller THE TRIBE, from director Roxy Shih and writers Ian Paxton and Chris Manask. Today the film makes it U.S. debut film release through Terror Films and will be available on several VOD platforms. Platforms … Continue reading “”