Horror-Comedy Debuts on North American VOD Platforms and DVD on March 16th Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired North American VOD rights to the horror-comedy HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS.  HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS will be available to rent and own on North American digital … Continue reading “FREESTYLE DIGITAL MEDIA ACQUIRES “HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS” FOR MARCH RELEASE”

Film Review: HOMEWRECKER (2019)

HOMEWRECKER **** Canada 2019 Dir: Zach Gayne. 76 mins Linda (Precious Chong) is a lonely lady in her late 40’s going through a bit of a tough time. She befriends Michelle (Alex Essoe) a meek, mousy 30 something, interior designer who recently got married. They meet at the gym and then again at their local … Continue reading “Film Review: HOMEWRECKER (2019)”

Film Review: KILLER SOFA (2019)

KILLER SOFA *** New Zealand 2019 Dir: Bernie Rao. 81 mins Pedants of the world unite: it’s not a killer sofa, it’s a homicidal, insanely jealous reclining chair. Writer-director Bernie Rao had his original, wittier titles (MY LOVER, MY LAZY BOY and the wonderful THE FURNISHING) nixed and had to settle for something more marketable … Continue reading “Film Review: KILLER SOFA (2019)”

Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)

FRIED BARRY *** South Africa 2020 Dir: Ryan Kruger. 96 mins Waking one morning after a bender, Barry (Gary Green) is quite alarmed at the notion that he can’t remember the night before which his family assumes is nothing out of the ordinary. Still, being plagued by bad dreams and the insistence that something has … Continue reading “Film Review: FRIED BARRY (2020)”

GETAWAY Trailer Is Out Now!

Devastated by a sudden break-up, young actress Maddie (Scout Taylor-Compton) needs a getaway from campus to help mend her broken heart. Her best friend lands her a role in the student slasher flick shooting this weekend at a camp deep in the Virginia forest. It’s the perfect place to unwind, but no matter how far … Continue reading “GETAWAY Trailer Is Out Now!”