Film Review: CAESAR & OTTO’S DEADLY XMAS (2012)

CAESAR & OTTO’S DEADLY XMAS *** U.S.A. 2012 Dir: Dave Campfield 83 mins Down on their luck brothers Caesar and his half brother Otto are back with more horror parody mayhem in this fifth entry in the Caesar and Otto saga. In this film the brothers take on some duties over the Christmas holidays as … Continue reading “Film Review: CAESAR & OTTO’S DEADLY XMAS (2012)”

Film Review: DOOM ROOM (2019)

DOOM ROOM *** USA 2019 Dir: Jon Keeyes 92 mins A woman awakes trapped in a gloomy cell type room with no memory of who she is. Unable to escape the confines she is visited by a number of strange beings. Some terrified of something or someone and others out to abuse her or cause … Continue reading “Film Review: DOOM ROOM (2019)”

Film Review: BLOODY BALLET (2018)

BLOODY BALLET **** USA 2018 Dir: Brett Mullen. 84 mins In an unspecified time frame where beautiful young women listen to vinyl and read DRACULA comic books, Kendra Carelli, haunted by her parents’ murder and beset by nightmares of the masked killer, wins the coveted lead in her ballet school’s performance of “The Nutcracker”. Professional … Continue reading “Film Review: BLOODY BALLET (2018)”


Wild Eye Releasing has recently released DOOM ROOM, starring genre legend Debbie Rochon, and directed by Jon Keeyes (The Harrowing) to digital. Scripted by Keeyes and Carl Kirshner, the film also stars Nicholas Ball (TVs ”Red Dwarf”), Johanna Stanton, Hayden Tweedie (The Harrowing) and Matthew Tompkins (“Prison Break”). Synopsis: A woman wakes up locked in … Continue reading “DEBBIE ROCHON MAKES AN ENTRANCE IN THE ‘DOOM ROOM’”


In the tradition of Suspiria, and featuring horror icons Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon, BLOODY BALLET arabesque’s onto a release from High Octane Pictures. A Giallo film –  a horror-thriller that blends the atmosphere and suspense of thriller fiction with elements of horror fiction and eroticism – in the vein of Dario Argento’s Suspiria and … Continue reading “HIGH OCTANE PICTURES RELEASES SUSPIRIA-ESQUE ‘BLOODY BALLET’”