Film Review: ALL I SEE IS YOU (2016)

ALL I SEE IS YOU **** USA / Thailand 2016 Dir: Marc Forster. 109 mins Tagline: An Obsessive Love Story. It seems like many critics really had a dislike to this film, but I am all about swimming against the tide. This film, while far from perfect, still manages to tell its intricate story well … Continue reading “Film Review: ALL I SEE IS YOU (2016)”

Film Review: THE TUNNEL (a.k.a. Tunnelen) (2019)

THE TUNNEL (a.k.a. Tunnelen) *** Norway 2019 Dir: Pål Øie. 105 mins Tagline: “Two roads in – no way out”. I reckon that Norwegian cinema is a decade or two behind American cinema, because we have already endured a series of disaster films previously in the 1970’s. Various reviews have made mention of “Villmark” films … Continue reading “Film Review: THE TUNNEL (a.k.a. Tunnelen) (2019)”

Film Review: I AM REN (2019)

I AM REN *** Poland. 2019. Dir: Piotr Ryczko. 75 mins Hack attacks on large companies, institutions; even countries, are part of organized warfare. The idea of how to deal with everyday tech is dealt with astonishing melancholia in the Polish film I AM REN (2019), also known as JESTEM REN and PANCACEA. This stylish … Continue reading “Film Review: I AM REN (2019)”

Film Review: STRAY (2019)

STRAY **** Russia 2019 Dir: Olga Gorodetskaya. 90 mins The ‘Evil Child’ subgenre is alive and well in the horror film. Unfortunately, we may see more real cases as the pandemic rages, taking a toll on the well-being of the young. Obviously, not to the extent of this film; however, the seeds are being sown … Continue reading “Film Review: STRAY (2019)”

Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)

LX 2048 ** USA 2020 Dir: Guy Moshe. 103 mins In a near-future world, the threatening rays of the Sun have turned deadly, causing widespread death and destruction to Earth forcing the surviving inhabitants into their homes. Forced to utilize VR technology to stave off the toxicity of their daytime environments, Adam Bird (James D’Arcy) … Continue reading “Film Review: LX 2048 (2020)”