Witter Entertainment releases Josh Hasty’s Candy Corn on VHS 2nd October 2020 at 12 PM EST with Broke Horror Fan! Officially licensed from DREAD/Epic Pictures, this tape is stacked with exclusive extras and there will be a very limited amount of orange tape shell variants available on release. This run is 100 units. Written and … Continue reading “CANDY CORN hits VHS”

Film Review: ARTIK (2019)

ARTIK ** USA 2019 Dir: Tom Botchii Skowronski. 78 mins The Artik of the title, as essayed by Jerry G Angelo, is a midwestern husband and father who wants his young son Adam (Gavin White) to carry on his work: he prepares for this by taking the kid out on the backroads in New Mexico … Continue reading “Film Review: ARTIK (2019)”

Film Review: CANDY CORN (2019)

CANDY CORN * USA 2019 Dir: Josh Hasty. 85 mins Rob Zombie collaborator Josh Hasty makes his feature writing-directing debut with this latter-day slasher movie. It opens with a conventional set-up for a rampage: following the Halloween hazing tradition of messing up vulnerable kids who are “not all there”, a trio of idiotic small town … Continue reading “Film Review: CANDY CORN (2019)”