Endangered Animal Spawns Contagion Horror Short

Australian Writer/Director Heidi Lee Douglas’ contagion short Devil Woman has premiered on Alter after a festival run that saw it lap the globe from Fantasia to Fright Fest, Morbido to Monsterfest and onto Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Devil Woman has taken on new meaning with recent world events, where an endangered animal spawning a … Continue reading “Endangered Animal Spawns Contagion Horror Short”

Film Review: UNEARTH (2020)

UNEARTH **** USA 2020 Dir: John C Lyons, Dorota Swies. 94 mins “There’s no birds…there’s no bugs…” Here’s a 21st century eco-horror film that would serve as an impactful feature length promotional video for any environmental group’s anti-fracking campaigns. Punctuated by imposing aerial shots of the slowly poisoned countryside surrounding Silverthorn, Pennsylvania and accompanied by … Continue reading “Film Review: UNEARTH (2020)”

Film Review: THE BEACH HOUSE (2019)

THE BEACH HOUSE **** USA 2019 Dir: Jeffrey A. Brown. 87 mins In 2020, we probably don’t need reminders of how fragile our existence is on Planet Earth, but the job of the horror genre, and specifically of writer-director Jeffrey A Brown’s feature debut, is to reinforce it anyway. A deliberately paced exercise in sustained … Continue reading “Film Review: THE BEACH HOUSE (2019)”

Film Review: BLACK WATER (2007)

BLACK WATER **** Australia 2007 Dir: Andrew Traucki, David Nerlich. 90 mins A tidy, suspenseful, three-handed revenge-of-nature thriller that nods to the benchmark for Australian eco-horror (LONG WEEKEND) while joining a prolific 21st century trend for stripped-down survivalist horror stories. Newly pregnant Diana Glenn, her husband (Andy Rodoreda) and younger sister (Maeve Dermody) take a … Continue reading “Film Review: BLACK WATER (2007)”

Film Review: STRANGE NATURE (2018)

STRANGE NATURE ** USA 2018 Dir: James Ojala. 100 mins A low-budget variation of John Frankenheimer’s underrated 70’s eco-horror PROPHECY, set against an appropriately depressing back drop of post-economic-crash small town U.S.A. – all boarded-up shops, unhealthy locals and corrupt politicians. Former teen pop star Lisa Sheridan returns home to a frosty reception thanks to … Continue reading “Film Review: STRANGE NATURE (2018)”