SRS cinema are bringing Emir Skalonja’s brutal cannibal take on the apocalypse SAVAGE to Blu-ray. Emir Skalonja’s stark cannibals in the apocalypse gore flick SAVAGE is unflinching in it’s take on survival in a brutal new world. Synopsis: Plagued with constant warfare, disease and political, social and religious turmoil, the world as we know it ended … Continue reading “EMIR SKALONJA’S APOCALYPSE MOVIE ‘SAVAGE’ COMES TO BLU-RAY”

Film Review: SAVAGE (2017)

SAVAGE ** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Emir Skalonja 79 mins Emir Skalonja and the whole team at FoxTrot Productions are busy people, if they aren’t out making a feature film they are off doing short films or other projects. SAVAGE is the latest feature film from them and is set in the year 2019, after the … Continue reading “Film Review: SAVAGE (2017)”


We here at Horrorscreams Videovault are always looking for new projects to share with you all. Well we have news on a production that needs your help with funding. The project is a zombie film and it is being made by FoxTrot Produtions the people behind THE PLAGUE and CONFESSIONS OF A HOMICIDAL PROSTITUTE. Much … Continue reading “INDIE ZOMBIE TRILOGY NEEDS YOUR HELP”

Book Review: RIGHTEOUS MALEFICIA by Emir Skalonja

Book Review: RIGHTEOUS MALEFICIA by Emir Skalonja Plot: England 1392. As the Black Death quickly spreads through the kingdom, the little hamlet of Blythe’s Hallow suffers under the yoke of a sadistic Lord. Desperate, the villagers decide to seek out the magical help of a local witch, causing the wrath of the Church. Torture and … Continue reading “Book Review: RIGHTEOUS MALEFICIA by Emir Skalonja”

Film Review: THE PLAGUE (2016)

THE PLAGUE *** USA 2016 Dir: Emir Skalonja 74 mins Love Canal, Niagara Falls, New York a once blossoming town in the 1890s soon turns to disarray, and is bought out by the Hooker company in the 1940s who use it as a toxic waste dump which forces everyone out. Present day and the town … Continue reading “Film Review: THE PLAGUE (2016)”