Franchise Corner Entry: HELL HOUSE LLC

  HELL HOUSE LLC **** USA 2015 Dir: Stephen Cognetti. 93 mins A genuinely scary found footage horror movie employing the usual array of perspectives (TV news broadcasts, documentary-style talking heads, YouTube videos) to convey the tragedy that befell a Halloween tour at New York’s most notorious haunted hotel. A documentarian gets hold of footage … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: HELL HOUSE LLC”

Franchise Corner Entry: FIREFLY TRILOGY

  HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES **** USA 2003 Dir: Rob Zombie. 88 mins Cut by the MPAA and dropped by Universal, Zombie’s feature debut was completed in 2000 but didn’t emerge until 2003 when, pre-empting the post-SAW wave of nihilistic American horror, it was joined by a bunch of genre movies heavily influenced by the … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: FIREFLY TRILOGY”

Franchise Corner Entry: CANDYMAN

  CANDYMAN ***** USA 1992 Dir: Bernard Rose. 92 mins “Your death would be a parable to frighten children with”. The opening story of the fifth volume of “Books of Blood”, Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden” was a bleakly evocative story of urban folklore in a miserabilist vision of a Thatcher-era Liverpudlian housing estate. Bernard Rose’s … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: CANDYMAN”

Franchise Corner Entry: IT’S ALIVE

  IT’S ALIVE **** USA 1974 Dir: Larry Cohen. 87 mins Writer-director Larry Cohen’s first horror movie is a semi-satirical modern monster movie with a title cannily aping the most famous line from classic Universal horror: hero John Ryan anecdotally acknowledges this by recalling his high school realisation that the real monster in FRANKENSTEIN was … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: IT’S ALIVE”

Franchise Corner Entry: CUBE

  CUBE **** Canada 1997 Dir: Vincenzo Natali. 90 mins. A dynamic TWILIGHT ZONE-esque concept effectively crafted for feature length, this has a small group of disparate characters removed from their everyday lives and placed in a huge, constantly revolving elaborate cube structure – rigged with a series of deadly booby traps. Mathematically gifted schoolgirl … Continue reading “Franchise Corner Entry: CUBE”